The Question Box

James 1:5

The wonders of technology are beginning to reach even the remotest parts of the world.  I recently learned about Question Box – a project of Open Mind (a nonprofit group) to aid those in poorer countries that don’t have  internet access.  So, for instance, remote farmers in Uganda can now call the cell phones of Question Box operators from around their country… and ask them questions and have those queries then researched and answered.  They mainly ask questions about farming… but can ask anything.

In India, villagers use an actual metal Question Box with an intercom like speaker.  Their questions are likewise answered by an operator in a distant city.

Boy, I could use one of those Question Boxes!  Make mine come with a heavenly internet connection, please!  I’m sure there are those of you, like me, that are facing problems that need solutions, situations that require wisdom, and questions which beg for answers. 

James insists that you and I have something far better than a Question Box. We have a personal God who generously provides wisdom to anyone who asks Him for it!  Wisdom… not mere answers.  Answers satisfy curiosity, wisdom gives us skills to cope.  And what a vast data base we draw from.  The Apostle Paul informs us that in Christ “are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (Colossians 2:3) 

Got a question you need fielding?  Remember we have:  Wisdom… Available to us 24/7.  But operators are not standing by.  There’s no need.  God is on the line.  Fire away.  He’s listening.

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