Don’t Eat the Soy Doughnuts!

James 1:13-18

A friend of mine from California had a penchant for practical jokes.  Not your garden variety jokes either.  He liked to pull off ones that took weeks of planning.  One day he just casually mentioned to his wife and some of her lady friends that he had heard of a store in the town where he worked that made soy doughnuts.  Just a mention and nothing more.  A few weeks passed and he told them he had located the store and indeed there were soy doughnuts there.  They asked him to pick up some.  He said he would, if he remembered.  A couple of days later he came home with a box.

Now it was actually a box of old fastion style doughnuts.  He had a friend at work make up a phoney label:  SOY DOUGHNUTS!  And he removed the ingredient sticker and swapped it with one from a carton of soy milk.  He brought them into the house and they were a hit!  It was only after they were on their third doughnut each that someone got suspicuous.  Why was the first ingredient listed, water?  What kind of sweetener was used?  Finally after a bit of laughter, he escaped with his life.

James says:  A good way to begin a diet free from sin is to admit that sin is alluring.  “But each one is tempted when he is carried away by his own lust.”  Author Julius Lester once shared why he rejected Christianity:  “God made sense to me, but the figure of Jesus and the centrality of sin and Jesus dying to save me from my sins didn’t work for me.  I liked a lot of my sins.  I didn’t want to be saved from my sins.  I’ll take responsibility for my sins.  I don’t want anybody taking them away.”

At least he is more honest than we are sometimes.  Many of us would say, “Sin? Heavens no.”  But we watch right through a sexually explicit scene in a movie or TV show because we feel we are mature enough to handle it.  We spend too much time with a certain member of the opposite sex because we just know our marriage is secure .  We hang out at a wild party, because it’s not like we are going to drink or anything.

And then… suddenly… we are surprised by the fact that sin doesn’t taste as bad as we thought it would.  These soy doughnuts are delicious as a matter of fact!  But sin doesn’t label its products with integrity.  That juicy fruit before your eyes might just be rotten to the core.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Eat the Soy Doughnuts!

  1. Love the last paragraph….sin doesn’t label its products with integrity. Very true….thus, we’ve eaten 3 donuts before we even realize it.


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