Rest and Inspiration

Psalm 62

Having a little Blog-Block this morning.  Looking for a little inspiration I recalled this from pastor John Ortberg:  “One morning I was in my office at my former church and was sweating bullets over a midweek message that refused to be born, or even conceived.  … Bill Hybels, the senior pastor, bounced into my office with the happy report that his message for that weekend was already finished.  Meanwhile, I had nothing.  A little later on, he came back in to tell me that he had a brainstorm for his message the following week, and that was done too.  He was beaming.  I was so happy for him.  Before the end of the day, Bill stopped by to say that he had a talk to give overseas in a few weeks, and he had a terrific idea for that one as well.  And I realized what was going on.  God was giving Bill my messages.”  (God is Closer Than You Think, p. 87.)

I am learning more and more the importance of rest in the process of ministry.  Inspiration comes from listening to God.  That listening becomes hard when we move at warp speed with little time to recooperate from daily stress.  It is when we allow our soul to slow down to catch up with God that we truly find rest  “… find rest, O my soul, in God alone.”  (Psalm 62:5)   

Dwight L. Moody, the great evangelist once wrote about a particularly hard day of ministry:  “By the time I was through the day, I was tired out.  I didn’t know much at that time, for after going from early morning till late at night with only a few crackers and some cheese, I was faint and fatigued.  Sometimes after a day’s work I thought I sinned in going to sleep over my prayers, when really I was a fool for neglecting the dictates of common sense.  God is not a hard taskmaster, and in later years I have learned that to do your best work you cannot afford to neglect the common laws of health.”

Amen to that.  Thanks for the inspiration, Dwight.


One thought on “Rest and Inspiration

  1. Steve and I look so forward to your postings. Thank you for sharing.
    We miss you tremendously at First Baptist Church. Wish you were closer. But we understand how important it is to be near family.
    All our Love and Blessings,
    Sheila Friedman


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