Is Your Body Ready for a New Trade In?

Job 19:23-29

Katherine Hepburn once shared this analogy with an interviewer:  ‘I think we’re finally to a point where we’ve learned to see death with a sense of humor.  I have to.  When you’re my age, it’s as if you’re a car.  First a tire blows, and you go and get that fixed.  And a headlight goes out, and you go and get that fixed.  And then one day, you drive into the shop, and the man frowns and says, ‘Sorry, Miss, they don’t have this make anymore.”  (Charles Swindoll, The Darkness and the Dawn, p. 314)

I just found out yesterday that a dear sweet woman , Charlene Wardrow, passed away from a bout with pneumonia.  She had rheumatory arthritis and breathing problems that complicated matters as well.  She had suffered so much for so long, but always with a smile and a warm disposition.  She will be missed.

Today in our passage in Job we find him facing what he feels will be his final illness:  a skin disease that has created boils all over his body.  “After my skin has been destroyed…” he states.  He believes this is it…  he is not long for this world.   But he has a hope:  “… in my flesh I will see God.” (v.26)  Not in his spirit, but in his flesh.   God has promised in the final resurrection for us to reclaim these worn out bodies of ours.  They will be remade in the splendor they were intended to have.  (1 Cor. 16:35-44)

I still remember the definition given by Joni Erickson Tada for the term, glory:  “Glory for me will be when I am on my feet dancing.”

Whether you are struggling with an illness or just the effects of aging… take heart.  Your Redeemer lives!  One day your mortal eyes will see Him!  That will be glory.

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