Never in a Hurry

Mark 5:21-43

I’ve heard someone say that he had never seen God to show up late… he also never saw Him show up early either.  It is always in His timing.

I am reading through Timothy Keller’s new book, King’s Cross, and liked his treatment of Jairus’ story.  He allows you to feel the emotion of this powerful man… forced by desperation to fall at the feet of a local faith healer.  Jesus in compassion agrees to go with him and then stops to help another woman.

Keller writes:  “Imagine Jairus’ anxiety during all of this; the disciples’ irritation; Jesus’ patience and composure.  This woman with a chronic condition is getting attention instead of the little girl who has an acute condition. … It’s malpractice.  If these two were in the same emergency room, any doctor who treated the woman first and let the little girl die would be sued.  And Jesus is behaving like such a reckless doctor.  Jairus and the disciples must be thinking, “What are you doing?  Don’t you understand the situation?  Hurry, or it will be too late.”

It turns out that it was too late.  The little girl had already passed before Jesus could even begin the journey to her home.  But Jesus looks at Jairus and says calmly:  “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

Keller writes:  “In essence, Jesus says to Jairus, Trust me.  Be patient.  There’s no need to hurry. … God’s sense of timing will confound ours… His grace rarely operates according to our schedule.”

In the end, Jesus woke the sleeping child… proving His power over death.  Jairus got more than he bargained for.  He wanted a healing and got instead a resurrection.

In our world today it is hard to stay calm when everything is moving so fast… and we fear if God doesn’t act quickly we are done for.  A good word for us today comes from the lips of Jesus:  Don’t be afraid; just believe.

Check out Keller’s book… a great read for the Easter season.

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