Living Out Your Calling

1 Peter 5:1

My 4 year old son Andrew stood in the doorway.  He was wearing my suit coat with a tie wrapped around his neck.  I said:  “So you want to be a preacher, huh?”

“Yep,” he said, “Either that or a pro-wrestler.”

It is an awesome thing to discover one’s calling.   Too many today share the problem of Matt Damon’s character in the movie “The Bourne Identity”:  “I don’t know who I am or where I’m going.”

Peter finally had settled that issue.  He was “…a witness of Christ’s sufferings…”  This is not an insignificant designation.  The New Concise Bible Dictionary refers to an Apostle as:  “those called by God and witnesses to the resurrection.”  To say that he was “a witness of Christ’s sufferings” is to say that he is an apostle… and therefore has the right to lead them.  So as a Fellow Shepherd, Peter speaks to them
with shared experience.  As a witness of Christ, he speaks to them with endowed authority.

We each have our calling from God as well.  If it takes us to a leadership type of role… we need to speak from that position.   If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. – 1 Peter 4:11

Don’t be afraid to take up the role of Leader if God has places you there.  Lead from the authority given by God.  Teach from the authority given by God.  Encourage from the authority granted to you by the Almighty.   Live your Spiritual Gift with your endowed authority.

The world needs more people living out their calling… whether that is to be a preacher… or a pro-wrestler.



2 thoughts on “Living Out Your Calling

  1. Confidently exercising the authority of the calling God has placed me in is what I have been struggling with lately. Your article came before me moments after I was praying about the challenge I am facing. Thanks Brother for being useable and allowing God to use you. This article encouraged me greatly. God’s timing in placing it before me is simply supernatural. Godspeed!


    • Wes,
      It is exciting to see that God used my words to touch you at just the right moment. Thanks for letting me know and passing on the encouragement! I pray that you will continue to fully embrace the call God has placed on your life.
      Your Good Friend,


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