Declare Something!

From preachingtoday’s “News that Illustrates” 8/8/2011

What’s Happened to Our Convictions?
I stumbled across this provocative video from a poet, teacher, and funny comedian named Taylor Mali. This short clip raises some interesting issues about speaking with conviction in our culture. With humor Mali ponders why it’s suddenly “become uncool to sound like you know what you’re talking about.” Instead, our conversations have become “infected by this tragically cool and totally hip interrogative tone as if to say … ‘I have nothing personally invested in my own opinion. I’m just asking you to join me on the bandwagon of my own uncertainty.” Mali also asks, “What has happened to our conviction? Where are the limbs out on which we once walked?” This would be a great clip to set up a sermon on truth, doctrine, or evangelism.

One thought on “Declare Something!

  1. Thank you Wayne for all of your “Blogs.” I think they are what keep Steve and I going.
    Blessings always to you and your family.
    God Bless,


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