Drill Sergeant Pastor

1 Peter 5:3

3not lording it over those entrusted to you,

Adding to Peter’s list of improper motivations (because you have to & for monetary gain) he adds another… those that shepherd because they like to be in charge.  This is not nudging with a shepherd’s staff, it is cracking the whip.

I heard the story of a somewhat cocky cowboy was riding his horse one day when he spied a hunched over old farm hand on a mule. Deciding to have a little fun the young cowboy drew his 6 shooter and told the old man to get down of his mule. He then asked the old man “if he had ever danced” and began to empty his revolver at his feet with great laughter. The old man slowly turned back to his mule (unamused ) and put his hand into his pack and drew a shotgun and aimed it at the now bulletless young cowboy and he said “did you ever kiss a mule?” To which the young cowboy said with fright “no but I have always wanted to!” There is nothing like a loaded shotgun for motivation.

But when the smoke clears, there isn’t a fed flock… only a scared one.  Remember:  You are called to be a shepherd not a drill sergeant… and to
have sheep under your care… not under your boot.

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