Advent: Seeing Jesus as King

Matthew 25

Matthew 25 is a great chapter to witness Jesus as our future King.  Key Verse is verse: 31 – “But when the Son of Man comes in glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne.”

We sing a lot about Jesus being our King:  It is in our hymns… “Come Thou Almighty King,”

It is in our choruses:  “All Hail King Jesus”  “Amazing Love… You are My King.”

At Christmas it is in our carols:  “Joy to the world, the Lord is come.  Let earth receive her king.”  Funny thing is… as much as we sing it and believe it… it isn’t true in our lives until he truly reigns in our hearts.  Matthew 25 talks about a day of Accounting that is to come for each of us.  Jesus is the Bridegroom.  (v.1-13)  Jesus is the Master who goes on a journey.  (v.14-30)  Jesus is the King of His throne on judgment day.  (v.31-46)  How will we be found on that day?

Craig Brian Larson shares a story from his past:  “The first summer that my wife and I were dating, she worked as a temp at a bank. In the first two weeks that she had the job, she quickly noticed some extremely unprofessional behavior among the team of four people that she worked with and their supervisor. The supervisor, who was a generation older, was very friendly with the younger staff, taking long coffee breaks with them. College-aged staff would sit on her desk to chat and gossip.

The supervisor and her team were so friendly that the group’s behavior toward one other new member of the team was a stark contrast. This person, a woman in her 30s who had come on staff just a week before my wife, was shunned. If she walked up and tried to join the conversation during a coffee break, the conversation ended. The group, including the supervisor, made jokes about her behind her back and laughed at the way she dressed. They rolled their eyes and winked at each other when she was present. It was obvious that this middle management worker was perceived as an unnecessary intrusion.

Two weeks into the temp job, my wife walked into the office on Monday morning and was surprised to find a much different scenario. No gossiping, no kidding around, no long coffee breaks. All the workers had their eyes riveted on their work. The previous supervisor had been replaced. The cliquish team addressed the new supervisor with formal, businesslike respect. My wife thought she even saw fear in their eyes.

The new supervisor was not a stranger. It was the 30-something woman who had been shunned and mocked. It turned out the bank had hired her to be the new supervisor from the first day she came on the job three weeks before, but the bank had concealed her true identity so she could observe the work style of the team.

In some ways, this situation resembles the coming of Christ to earth. In his first coming, Jesus Christ revealed his true identity and glory to his true followers, but to those who did not believe, his glory was largely hidden by his humanity. Following his resurrection, Christ ascended to the right hand of God, where he rules all things. One day he is coming again to the earth to establish his glorious kingdom over everything. At that time there will be no mistaking who is in charge.”

Joy to the World… The LORD is come… Let Earth receive her king.

Is He Lord of your heart?


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