Giving God Your Best (Day of the Week)

Matthew 6:33

My church (Valley View Baptist in East Nashville) is praying through Matthew 6:33 this year.  What does it look like to put God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness first?  In our individual lives?  In the life of a congregation?  Can we put aside our comfortability and tradition long enough to take what God wants to give us in 2012?

When we give God our best, He has a habit of making it better!  This is evidenced in this story by Steve May:

“Years ago a man named Mike Pilavachi was a youth pastor in a church in England. He and one of the kids in his youth group decided to get together each week to pray, study the Bible, and worship God. Mike asked the student, “What night would you like to meet?” The student said, “Well, Saturday night is the best night of the week [i.e. for a teenager], so let’s give Jesus the best night. Let’s meet on Saturday.”

Mike agreed, and they began setting aside their Saturday nights to meet together and worship God. The teenager in this story, by the way, was Matt Redmon, the writer of songs such as “The Heart of Worship”, “Let My Words Be Few”, “Once Again” and several others. And these Saturday night meetings started a worship movement in this church that has reached literally thousands of young people throughout England.”

What are you willing to set aside for the Kingdom?  For the sake of better, can you give Him your best?

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