My first preaching experience

My friend’s first experience at preaching. He has some good advice for new preachers.

The Bradford Blog

It came and went rather quickly. The buildup, just like with anything big and important in our lives, was much longer and grander than the actual event (which could be a separate post itself). The nerves were there as I stepped on the stage for the first time in the role of preacher. But those soon faded away as I began rolling through my illustrations and points in an effort to communicate what it means to live worship as a lifestyle. I will follow up in another post with a summary of my message, but here I want to share a few things I learned and experienced during this process.

1. The process was more enjoyable than I thought it would have been. For about six years now, I’ve had the thought here and there that I would preach one day and I would immediately think about how terrifying that…

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