Proverbs 17:6a

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged…”

Grandpa?  Me?  Not sure how that title felt to me… 9 months ago.  Now I am cool with Papaw, Pop Pop, Grandpa Wayne… whatever.  There is something mesmerizing about staring into that little face.  Sydney is so photogenic, so perfect, so precious.

It seemed we fight getting older and the titles that come with that.  But it is beyond special when you actually experience the moments that only come with age.  It is fitting.  It is right.  A crown God made for us to wear… but only when you are older.

Hope to get up here to Pennsylvania more often… because I need some time with my granddaughter.  There is a whole lot I need to share with her.  So much I want to experience with her.  I heard that a third grader once remarked:  “Everybody should try to have a grandmother, especially if they don’t have a television, because they are the only grown-ups who have time.” (quoted in Stories from the Heart,  p. 160.)

Enjoy this time in my life.  Let me be a Godly influence, Lord.

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