A Good Leader Needs a Great Shepherd!

1 Peter 5:4

4And when the Chief Shepherd appears,  you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.

Pastors, deacons, church leadership…. it is so easy to be about the business of shepherding and forget… you too have a shepherd.

Where does a leader look when he or she gets scared?  Admit it… you have been there.  You may be there!  Money is down… you are afraid you won’t make payroll.  Enthusiasm is down… yet the church down the street is growing like gang busters.  A minor scuffle in the church is growing and you fear a split might be on the horizon.  You are scared.  Where do you look?  Look to THE Shepherd.

It is He to whom you will ultimately be held accountable to… but He is also the source of your strength… & your solace. He is your power… your wisdom… your
comfort.   He is your Shepherd… the Cheif Shepherd.  You shall not want.

Our reward:  It doesn’t always come in this life does it?  Peter promises there will be a crown of glory that will not fade.
In Peter’s day, in the Greek games, the victor was given a crown of leaves for their victory… not something that would look all that impressive on a mantle months later.  But Heaven’s rewards last… their glory never fades.

So Shepherd…. Are you discouraged?  Are you thinking of giving up?  I read recently of a pastor that left the pastorate after 9 years, because he was tired of having a “Joyless” Ministry.  Can I encourage you a minute?  The task may be tiresome… but you are needed right where you are.

In his book, A Turtle on the Fencepost, Allen C. Emery tells of a night he spent on the Texas plains with a shepherd who was keeping two thousand sheep.  The shepherd prepared a bonfire for cooking supper and providing warmth. The sheep dogs lay down near the fire as the stars filled the sky.  Suddenly Emery heard the unmistakable wail of a coyote with an answering call from the other side of the range. The dogs weren’t patrolling at the moment, and the coyotes seemed to know it. Rising quickly, the shepherd tossed some logs on the fire; and in this light, Emery looked out at the sheep and saw thousands of little lights.

Emery writes, “I realized that these were reflections of the fire in the eyes of the sheep. In the midst of danger, the sheep were not looking out into the darkness, but were keeping their eyes set toward the shepherd.”   (Turning Point Daily Devotional, 12-10-04)

So whose eyes are on you?  Who are you leading?  What kind of example are you?  The time is not ripe for you to go back to fishing… but to lay down your pole and pick up your staff… and Shepherd.

[This concludes the “Fisherman’s Guide to Great Shepherding” series.]

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