The Difference Between Drudgery and a Dream by Steve May

Today’s Post is a Re-post from Steve May’s Monday Memo Blog: 



In 1730 a church in Sussex, England posted this sign:  A vision without a task is but a dream; a task without a vision is drudgery;
a vision and a task is the hope of the world.

I can relate.  When my work becomes drudgery it’s usually because I have become more focused on the task at hand, and less focused on the vision God has given me. Both are necessary.  Personally, I can’t imagine anything more dull than selling shoes out of the back of one’s car, but that’s what Phillip Knight did. After launching his own athletic shoe company with $500 of borrowed money, he spent several years crossing the northwest, hawking shoes at track meets and mall parking lots. Not my idea of a
dream job, but Knight loved it. Eventually the business took off. His shoe company, now called Nike, became … well, you know who they are.

That’s what vision does for you. It transforms the drudgery of a task into the thrill of an adventure. And it always leads to great things.  What’s your vision?


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